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  • Brain Pickings turns 14

    Maria Popova: The challenge has never been more colossal than this past year — the most trying I have lived through, by orders of magnitude. Depression has lowered its leaden cloudscape over me again and again since I was fifteen, but no other year has lidded life more ominously, as the staggering collective grief we…

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  • John Quincy Adams on GTD

    Not really. Maria Popova on the always excellent Brain Pickings re: John Quincy Adams and his thoughts on getting things done, learning, and wasting time: Years earlier, in observing his own habits of mind in the course of his voracious self-education, Adams had become aware of the meager correlation between effort exerted and results obtained…

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  • Brain Pickings on Vera Rubin

    Maria Popova, on the always amazing Brain Pickings: That Rubin died without her Nobel Prize is nothing short of a travesty, bespeaking the flawed cultural machinery by which such honors are meted out. The number of amazing people turning to dust this year is heartbreaking.

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