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  • Best mouse of 2018

    Windows Central on the Logitech MX Master 2S: This really can be considered the king of all mice, with its excellent ergonomics, functionality, and portability. I got mine in 2017 and it was the best mouse that year too. Still love it.

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  • My Everyday Carry, May 2018

    I’ve been meaning to make this list for some time now. Finally, I emptied my backpack and took a photo so that I can make a list of my every day carry. The above items are with me, in my backpack, every single day. Speaking of my backpack. It is a graphite Collins by Brenthaven.…

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  • Best of 2017 as told by me

    To create this list I sat down and wrote from the top of my head the things I could remember being awesome in 2017. The list isn’t exhaustive. It is just what made an impression on me as being "the best" in each category. Best Blog: fuzzy notepad Evee consistently writes well-researched, readable, diatribes on…

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