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  • Attending NEPA WordPress Meetup for March 2017

    Last night was the NEPA WordPress Meetup for March 2017. It was a panel discussion regarding how agencies use WordPress with Jack Reager of Black Out Design (our gracious host, thanks Jack and team), Liam Dempsey and Lauren Pittenger of LBDesign in the Philadelphia-area, and your’s truly of Condron Media. As these types of events…

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  • Lauren Pittenger’s Bookmarked series

    Lauren Pittenger: Inspired by Colin Devroe’s What I Saw This Week series and Elise Blaha‘s newsletters come my own series of posts of links I find worth sharing. Excellent. You can follow along via her bookmarked tag.

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  • Power-save mode

    Lauren Pittenger: Reminds me of all of the times I’ve been told I’m too quiet, or “you haven’t moved from this spot this entire party.” Or feeling bad about hanging out with (only) my cat all the time or that weird thing where I can write better than I speak. Or sitting as far away…

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