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  • Thirty days of images

    Each morning, at around 9am Eastern, a new image is published to my blog. I schedule these posts each weekend (I even built a WordPress plugin to help me) and they publish automatically without any other interference from me. I’ve just hit 30 consecutive days of this schedule and I’d like to keep it up in…

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  • Use what works, play with the new

    I had Unmark’d Kyle Slattery’s post on his company site (which I think is rather good looking; here is why) regarding why his company uses Ruby on Rails. It is a good post. Notice this bit: It’s easy to get caught up in the newest trend, and there are lots of great technologies being developed, but…

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  • RSS to Twitter using PHP

    Update January 19, 2010: This script is now available on GitHub. Go forth and fork. Today I noticed that my now ancient PHP script to update Twitter automatically using PHP/cron needed to be updated. It turns out that Twitter stopped recognizing URLs with ? in them as clickable links. Here is an example tweet where…

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