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  • SPARK Talks at the NEPA Tech meet up in December 2017

    SPARK Talks are, by definition, Short, Provocative, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Knowledgeable talks that are loosely timed, on a specific topic (more or less), and allow many presentations to be given at an event. I had never heard of them prior to this month’s NEPA Tech meet up organized by John George. SPARK Talks remind me of Lightning Talks or Ignite.…

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  • Attending October’s NEPA.js meet up

    On Tuesday, October 10 I attended October’s NEPA.js meet up. John George of NEPA Web Solutions was this month’s presenter and his topic was Bitcoin and the Blockchain: Democratizing How We Exchange Value. I believe all members of NEPA.js would agree, John’s presentation was arguably the best presentation the meet up group has had to-date.…

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  • John George shares a solution

    John George, fellow NEPA.js attendee: I’m writing this because I discovered the hard way that .NET Core’s ‘dotnet run’ command is NOT meant to be production ready. My biggest headache was that my website shut down when I exited my shell. Not even the ‘disown’command would dissociate the running service from the user. Posts like this…

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