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  • Photos for Mac isn’t a long term photo library option

    Bradley Chambers, writing for 9to5Mac, about his photo library backup strategy: If there is one thing I am obsessed with when it comes to technology, it’s my pictures. I keep them extremely organized and culled. He then goes on to say, regarding his use of iCloud Photo Library as a sort of backup: This service…

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  • Hard Links and Photos for OS X

    Jason Snell, after reviewing the beta of Photos for OS X, has figured out how Apple imports photos into the new Photos for OS X without taking up any additional space: It creates hard links to the contents of your iPhoto library inside the Photos library. If you delete your iPhoto library, the files that…

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  • How to: Delete photos from within Smart Albums in iPhoto

    I use Smart Albums in iPhoto for a number of reasons, which I plan on covering in an upcoming post, but every once and a while I find a few photos that I’d like to delete. Not just delete from the Smart Album but actually delete from my entire Library. Until today I had not…

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