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  • ActivityPub will cross the chasm in 2024

    In 1991, Geoffrey A. Moore described the challenges of introducing new technology products as Crossing the Chasm. The chasm is this very real gap between the earliest adopters and the early majority adopters of any new technology. By crossing the chasm, the momentum gained usually enables the technology to find market fit. Most protocols, standards,…

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  • Spring ’83 – a fun internet protocol

    Robin Sloan: What follows is a narrative description of a protocol that I believe might open up some interesting new possibilities on the internet. My goal here isn’t to “sell you” on its design; rather, I just want to lay out my thinking as clearly as I can. I’m long, long overdue on reading Sloan’s proposal for a…

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  • Fix the internet

    Vicky Boykis: We are a LONG, long ways away from the destruction of the internet as a giant billboard. It takes time to turn a huge skyscraper into an gutted shell of a building, and it will take just as much time to turn our current internet from a loud, obnoxious, toxic mall, back into…

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