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  • Matt Haughey and I disagree about Instagram Stories

    Matt Haughey, on this blog: Instagram stories feel like work, like being forced to watch ads from my friends’ lives instead of casually browse stuff at my own pace. The feed: I can just scroll through quickly, and stop on interesting photos, but Stories slow down the whole process of popping into Instagram for just…

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  • Share Instagram Stories via Direct Message

    Instagram: Starting today, you can share stories with your friends in Direct. This is a meaningful update. Stories sucked a lot of the activity out of the feed. Being able to share Stories you find – whether they are about a place, event, an interest, a celebrity, or from a friend – means that a…

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  • Live streaming video, by the numbers

    Dan Kimbrough: Facebook makes sense as the leader. More people use Facebook than YouTube. And by that, I mean we consume a lot on YouTube, most of its traffic is viewing videos, not creating. I think that most companies and influencers have a big enough audience that they can stream anywhere and their followers will…follow.…

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