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  • Reasons to like wasps

    Chris Glass: This wasp dropped from the air and on to my desk — moving carefully, slowly. First of all, there are zero reasons to like wasps. Zero. They should go extinct. We should only allow friendly little bees on this fine planet. Except this wasp, maybe. Follow Chris’ link to see the reasons to…

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  • Cicada Killer – July 2019

    Cicada Killer – July 2019 For the last three years I’ve hiked 3 miles to the nesting grounds of these giant wasps. Amazing insects. (Listen to audio from 2017)

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  • E18: Ground Digger Wasp

    http://cdevroe.com/media/audio/e18.mp3 In late-July I stumbled upon a large mound of sand at a construction site that had several large wasps digging holes. I had never seen a wasp that large in my life. Turn your volume up for the tail end of this audio bit. Links Video: Ground Digger Wasps in Australia. Look a bit narrower…

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