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  • Panther’s Falls 2 – December 2020

    Panther’s Falls 2 – December 2020 I’m pretty happy with how this exposure, and the previous one, came out. This one was handheld, f/11, about 1/60s, on HP5+. I have a fairly steady hand but 1/60s is about my limit personally. If you want to see much larger versions of these digital scans you can…

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  • Flowers – May 2020

    Flowers – May 2020 The above image is a digital positive created from a paper negative. It was handcut from Ilford photo paper, shot, developed by me last night. I also used it as the subject for my first contact print. You can read the behind-the-scenes story here on my blog. Also More also on…

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  • Penn Yan, New York – March 2020

    Ansco Speedex • Ilford HP5+ 400 Penn Yan, New York – March 2020 This is a frame from my very first roll of new black and white film. It was taken on Ilford HP5+ 120 film stock. This is very forgiving film from my newbie perspective. Eliza and I enjoyed a sunny weekend in the…

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