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  • Horace Dediu on Apple Watch revenue

    Horace Dediu: From a revenue point of view, I believe next year’s fourth quarter will see the Watch generating higher revenues than the highest quarter for the iPod. Let that sink in. Amazing. Some flop.

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  • Apple Watch sales so far

    Horace Dediu, doing what he does best: Overall, about 33 million Apple Watch units have been sold since launch and they generated about $12 billion in sales. Coupled with a 95% customer satisfaction score, altogether, this has been a great success story. But only 2.5 years in, it’s still act one. An incredible beginning for…

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  • More benefits of turning off comments

    Over four years ago whether a blog should or shouldn’t have comments was a heavily debated topic in the blogging community. Back then I wrote about one possible benefit of disabling comments. One of the benefits I see coming from disabling comments is the number of links you end up getting back to your site.…

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