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  • I’m calling it, Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s best CEO ever

    Me, in September 2017: I have the feeling we’re going to look back at Nadella as one of the best CEOs in the history of tech. We’ll see how this bold prediction pans out but I’m ready to call Satya Nadella the best CEO in Microsoft’s history. Microsoft reported a record-setting Q1. They are killing…

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  • Magic Leap One Creator Edition

    Adi Robertson for The Verge: But the Magic Leap One’s 50-degree diagonal field of view, while larger than the competing Microsoft HoloLens, is still extremely limited. And the image quality feels roughly on par with the two-year-old HoloLens. It’s generally good, but with some tracking and transparency issues. Given how much effort Magic Leap has…

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