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  • Heron in the rain – November 2019

    Heron in the rain – November 2019 It was getting dark and had begun to rain so I was wrapping up a photowalk and as I’m sitting in my car texting Eliza this heron lands just outside my car window. I managed to get a few snaps in before he disappeared into the brush.

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  • Podcast: Greenfield Road – October 2019

    Pano from 12 images f/22 ∙ 1/60sec ∙ 55mm ∙ ISO 400 f/16 ∙ 1/160sec ∙ 250mm ∙ ISO 400 Greenfield Road – October 2019 These images, and this audio, are from the very first episode of Photowalking with Colin. At the time of the recording I was experimenting with a new app, a setup,…

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  • Podcast: Prompton Lake – October 2019

    Prompton Lake – October 2019 I shot these photos while recording the Prompton Lake episode of my new podcast Photowalking with Colin. Be sure to find the podcast wherever you listen to them and subscribe. If you can’t find it, email me and I’ll send you the link. You can also listen to the episode…

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