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  • Apple Maps continues to improve

    Justin O’Beirne is still at it, and at more detail than ever: This is the tenth time that Apple has expanded its new map since its public launch twenty-six months ago in September 2018. I appreciate the amount of work O’Beirne puts into these updates. Over the weekend Eliza and I tried Apple Maps to find a…

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  • Richard MacManus’s tech predictions

    Richard MacManus attempts to predict some things for 2018: We’ll finally get a killer app for AR in 2018. Maybe hope springs eternal, but I’d love to see an AR app with real utility – not just a game like Pokemon Go. I suppose it matters how you define "killer app". For me a killer…

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  • Cartographic comparison between Google and Apple Maps

    Justin O’Beirne: In this series of essays, we’ll compare and contrast the cartographic designs of Google Maps and Apple Maps. We’ll take a look at what’s on each map and how each map is styled, and we’ll try to uncover the biggest differences between the two. The intro and parts 1 and 2 are already published.…

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