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  • Jeremy Keith on Edge switching to Chromium

    Jeremy Keith: There’s just no sugar-coating this. I’m sure the decision makes sound business sense for Microsoft, but it’s not good for the health of the web. His reaction is very similar to mine. His call to action is too.

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  • The State of Web Browsers

    Ferdy Christant: If you agree that this sucks, install Firefox. Also on mobile. Here’s instructions on how to switch from Chrome. Read the entire thing. Sorry it is on Medium. I don’t know why he’d post this there. The irony is palpable.

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  • Microsoft gives up on EdgeHTML

    Chris Beard, CEO Mozilla Corporation: Microsoft’s decision gives Google more ability to single-handedly decide what possibilities are available to each one of us. From one point-of-view this move by Microsoft might seem to make total sense. They spin this as “it will be easier for web developers to target one less browser engine”. However, this…

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