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  • What I saw somewhat recently #81: June 17, 2021

    Saved this garter from the lawn mower A busy spring is coming to a close. A pool, garden beds, lawn care, work, side work, art, the gallery, photography and so much more going on all at once. But somehow it felt very balanced. I’m happy about that. Scratching every itch. This week I have a…

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  • Using Docker to build a WordPress theme

    If you have no idea what Docker is or how it works, this blog post won’t help you too much. For that, I recommend Julia Evans’ Zine How Containers Work! I recently wanted to build a premium WordPress theme to offer here via my website. I started, finished, and released the theme in record time…

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  • Julia Evans on Docker Compose

    Julia Evans: I’m very happy about this because previous to trying Docker Compose I spent two days getting frustrated with trying to set up a dev environment with other tools and Docker Compose was a lot easier and simpler. And then I told my sister about my docker-compose experiences and she was like “I KNOW,…

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