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  • Untitled post 7849

    Chicago snaps part 2: A few Tri-X photos from walking around downtown Chicago in mid-March. The worm-like aberrations seen on the images is because I didn’t pay close enough attention to temperature while I developed this roll. Live and learn. See also part 1.

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  • Diversions #2: From Chicago to Assateague

    Diversions is the central hub for news about my website’s membership, behind-the-scenes details of my personal projects, as well as a wide variety of links to people, places, and things that inspire me. It is free to sign up (or, you can choose to support my work financially). You need to be logged in to…

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  • Untitled post 7724

    Chicago snaps part 1: A few iPhone captures from last week’s trip to Chicago with the NerdPress team to sponsor the Tastemaker Conference. Hubbub had its own booth while NerdPress had a large lounge with an impressive view. A fantastic work trip.

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