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  • Repost: Cabel Sasser re: Apple update caching

    👉 Cabel Sasser on Twitter: macOS 10.13 Tip: have lots of iOS / Mac devices in your house? And a Mac that’s usually on? Turn on "Content Caching" in Sharing prefs, and updates will be downloaded to all your devices from your Mac, saving time and bandwidth. LINK

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  • Good Design Award

    Cabel Sasser on Twitter: After seeing the logo on cool products before, I finally looked it up: what a great index of cool products with Good Design. Not just fancy design! Fascinating list of products on the Good Design Award list. Be sure to look through Cabel’s replies on Twitter.

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  • The music for Stagehand

    I linked to this post in #32 but, just in case you missed it, I’m linking to it properly because I believe it deserves it. Cabel Sasser, on creating the intro song for Stagehand: There was no way I was gonna be able to put a “live” version of the song together by myself. I’m basically musically…

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