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  • Jim Nielsen brings back Readlists

    Jim Nielsen: After about five years of constant inner complaining—“ugh, I wish Readlists was still around“—I finally asked myself: “well then why don’t you recreate it?” This is exactly the same reason why Unmark exists. Nothing works like Unmark. If it didn’t exist I don’t know what I would use. So it exists purely because I (and…

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  • Pinboard acquires Delicious

    Maciej Cegłowski: Do not attempt to compete with Pinboard. This is excellent. I use Unmark daily. Partly because I helped will it into existence. If I didn’t use Unmark I’d use Pinboard (for which I have an account that I’ve paid for). And I’m very happy that Delicious (or, as I knew it del.icio.us) is…

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