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  • Colin Walker on the Summit beta

    Colin Walker: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve spent beta testing Summit and look forward to the new builds. Colin has provided excellent feedback on Summit. So have so many of the beta testers. I too am looking forward to publishing new builds. If you’re on the beta list (which you can get on by…

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  • Summit – The Adventurous Step Counter

    This evening, at a presentation at the Lehigh Valley Tech Meetup, I’m opening up public beta access to my new iOS app, Summit – The Adventurous Step Counter. I’ve stitched together a temporary web site for the app as well as a mailing list that will allow you to get access to the final few…

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  • Observations on using the iOS 11 Public Beta

    The iOS 11 Public Beta is the first beta OS I’ve installed from Apple. I did so in part because I want to help improve the OS by providing feedback and analytic data, but also because I wanted to test my aforementioned app that I’m building, and lastly I’ve wanted driving mode since very early…

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