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  • Ben Brooks on Hello Weather

    Ben Brooks reviewing Hello Weather: This app is without a doubt, my favorite weather app. Not just now but of all the apps I’ve tried over the years. Well done. Ben’s enthusiasm for Hello Weather reminds me of mine for Dark Sky. An app I use every day and gladly paid for. Hello Weather uses…

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  • Manton Reece on JSON Feed

    Manton Reece, co-author of JSON Feed, in an interview with Ben Brooks: With JSON Feed, it’s not about disrupting RSS exactly. RSS is great and widely deployed; it’s not going anywhere. But we can take what was good about RSS, improve a few things, and maybe jumpstart new tools and apps that work together. Developers…

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  • Bashing Windows

    Ben Brooks likes the look of the new Surface Book Laptop. But he says this about Windows: Still runs Windows though. I don’t know if Ben has used the very latest Windows 10 builds but if he hasn’t he should give it a try. I’ve already said not to bet against Microsoft but I would…

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