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  • We’re in phase one of Augmented Reality

    Apple just published a page dedicated to Augmented Reality in the latest versions of iOS. It is a good page overviewing some of the use cases we’re already seeing with AR. This is just the beginning. I’ve written about AR many times, so I won’t reiterate everything today. But look at these use cases and…

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  • Tim Cook on ARKit

    Tim Cook, in a recent quarterly earnings call for Apple, on ARKit: One of the most exciting and most promising announcements from WWDC was ARKit, a new set of tools for developers to create augmented reality apps. It’s still early in the beta period, but it’s clear that ARKit has captured the imagination of our…

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  • Mirage

    Mirage: A world living on top of reality. I played around with the app this afternoon. It is very rough. Super frustrating to try and use. But I sincerely hope they continue to pull this thread. I hope to see a lot more of this type of thing over the next 36 months. /via Andy…

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