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  • Thoughts on Apple’s March 2019 Media Event

    I’m writing this for posterity’s sake. For my own recollection. So please feel free to skip the reading of this post. I can’t imagine the amount of money or resources Apple has invested to get to the point where they were able to announce all of those services in a single day.

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  • RSS is not dead. Subscribing is alive.

    Sinclair Target, writing for Motherboard: Today, RSS is not dead. But neither is it anywhere near as popular as it once was. This isn’t the first nor the last article to cover the creation of the RSS standard, its rise to relative popularity with Google Reader, and its subsequent fall from popularity. But the big…

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  • Their own technology

    Garrett Sloane for AdAge: Apple News will let top media partners use their own technology to fill the ad space in their content, becoming more of an extension of the publishers’ own websites than the walled-off island it is now, the people said. At first I thought those that were linking to this have this…

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