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  • 35mm film in a Medium Format camera

    Ansco Rediflex, expired 35mm Fujicolor Superia 400 35mm film in a Medium Format camera From the same roll as my 2020 avatar are these select exposures of 35mm film hacked into a medium format Ansco Rediflex. What you’re looking at isn’t normal. The Ansco Rediflex is a medium format camera which, when invented in the…

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  • My 2020 avatar

    Shot on 35mm film retro fitted into an Ansco Rediflex Quarantine has me trying all sorts of experiments. One of which is retro fitting 35mm film into an old Ansco Rediflex medium format camera. It produces some interesting results (I’ll post a few in the coming days). But I’ve wanted my 2020 avatar to be…

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