My appearance on This Week in WordPress #285

My thanks to Nathan Wrigley for having me as a guest on This Week in WordPress #285. (YouTube/Apple Podcasts)

Show notes

There are a few links on the WP Builds website for this episode but I thought I’d share some of the links I mentioned in the episode as well.

  • Hubbub – Of course, we mentioned Hubbub, the best social sharing plugin for WordPress. By the team at NerdPress.
  • WordPress Trac Ticket #60398 – We discussed this ticket, which describes an issue installing or updating plugins or themes on WordPress environments with older copies of libzip installed which was introduced with the security release WordPress 6.4.3. Thankfully, a fix is imminent.
  • We mentioned Meetup and how I may always have a soft spot in my heart for it. I went digging in my Meetup account and it appears that my first use of it was for a blogger meetup in Philadelphia in 2006 (see screenshot). Of course, I wrote about it.
  • Somehow, I mentioned Richard Stallman’s rider.
  • State of the Word 2023 – I mentioned Matt Mullenweg’s vision for using AI to build websites eventually.
  • Own Your Web – A newsletter by Matthias Ott where he highlights a personal site of the week.

It was a lot of fun to chat with Nathan, Michelle, and Marc.

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