My less than typical day

In January 2021 I posted my typical day which resulted in some fun people following suit on their own blogs.

Lately, my typical day is less than typical. I’ve been on a tear for about 12 months with side projects. This means that my day is jammed. But here is a glimpse…

  • 5-6:00am – wake up, shower, daily scripture.
  • 6-7:30am – Work on side projects: Stripe Transfer customer projects, coding, photography, or CCBUILT episode editing.
  • 7:30am – drive to work, listen to podcast via Apple Podcasts.
  • 8am – Prep for the day at work.
  • 10am – On Monday and Wednesday I have a rather lengthy reoccuring meeting. My stance on meetings hasn’t really changed – however, I’m trying to be a good colleague. On Tuesday and Thursday I’m working and on Friday I’m conducting a Bible study.
  • 12pm – Lunch. Usually I try to catch up on the now distributed social web – NetNewswire, Mastodon, Threads, Instagram – in that order.
  • 1-4pm – Monday through Thursday I try to fill this with work as much as possible. On Friday’s we’re working on a car for CCBUILT (which also including recording video and taking photographs).
  • 5-10pm – Sometimes side projects, in the winter darkroom printing, a lot of YouTube (I’m now paying for Premium because I watch so much YouTube).

I accomplish an incredible amount in my side project time in the early morning. I’m definitely a morning person. Having that time be compressed has served me very well. I’m far less productive in the evening after working about 11 hours. Almost daily I wish I did more at night.

My current pace feels untenable. I’ve never been this busy. I’m hoping something changes soon.

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