Simon Reynolds on blogging

Simon Reynolds, in December, marking the 20th anniversary of Blissblog:

I honestly can’t see that anyone has invented a better format than the blog, at least for what I want to do.

Simon’s entire post is dripping with flattering remarks about how enjoyable and rewarding blogging is.

Those of us in the 20+ year blogging club obviously love it – why else would we continue to do it? It isn’t because it is the best way to reach the most people. Simon writes:

Blogging is effectively narrowcast, but it retains an aura of broadcast, the tantalizing possibility of reaching more than the pre-converted, the already tuned-in. (In that sense, not unlike the terrestrial broadcast pirate radio station).

I love the idea of a blog being like a pirate radio station. Consider my flag flying proudly! Arrr!

The entire post is a must-read for bloggers.

/via Michael Donaldson on Mastodon.

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