What I saw somewhat recently #99: January 19, 2023

A mannequin lounges with a steering wheel cover while another hides in the background of an antique store
This antique store was… different

This is the penultimate WIS link list. The final list, number 100, shall reprise all previous link lists and come sometime in February. I’m looking forward to crafting a new link list reborn in a new style and with other themes. Doing anything 100 times isn’t easy so I’m proud of this little series of blog posts I’ve made.

Onto the links!

  • Life inside seawater – Photographer Angel Fitor captures some amazing living things in seawater.
  • Video: Apollo 11 Animation – C-bass Productions on YouTube created a rather stunning animation timed perfectly to audio from the Apollo 11 moon landing. Riveting stuff.
  • Closed on Sunday – Lofi jams from Star Wars.
  • Sony Walkman – Sony is still designing and making what look like great products.
  • Lightning maps – The amount of lightning happening globally at any given time is impressive.
  • Sea surface temperature maps – There is so much data at our fingertips any time we need it. Fascinating.
  • The sounds of atoms – Researchers are turning the Periodic Table into sounds.
  • Soderberg’s media diet – He consumes more media in a single day than I do in a month.
  • Video: 133 Days on the Sun – Stunning timelapse of half a year or so of the Sun. A violent place.
  • Alphaputt – Incredibly designed miniature golf game played on the letters of the alphabet.
  • Shottr – A great free screenshot app.
  • Me on Mastodon – Shameless plug here but I’m sharing a lot on Mastodon these days. If you are there and we haven’t connected there please follow!

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