Hello World 2

I’m writing this, my first post (actually, it is the second or third) written using my new static site rendering thingy I call Tuff.

Twenty plus odd years ago I copy and pasted my way to having my first blog. I was writing HTML by hand then and just copying the bits and pieces that I needed to create a new post on a page. This new setup that I’m duct taping together sort of feels like that — in the very best way possible.

Tuff reads in a bunch of Markdown files to make this website. This post you’re reading right now is written in Markdown. You can see its source right here. Like John Gruber, the author of Markdown, does for Daring Fireball – I’ve decided to share the source of the files at URLs you can see.

I have a lot of work left to do. But the scaffolding for the work ahead is sturdy. I’m looking forward to banging away at it.

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