Accidentally wrote some code that did 360 billion lookups against a database. Oops. My Mac processed it in 7 seconds.

Computers are amazing.

August 8, 2022

    @cdevroe I’m going to keep this code around. Even though the lookup took 7 seconds it nearly locked my Mac for that time. And also the fans went berserk. When I upgrade to my next Mac (likely in 2024 or 2025, to an M4 or M5?) I would like to see how it handles this.

    @cdevroe One other somewhat related tidbit… my 2020 intel MBP (16″, 64GB DDR4, 2.4 8-core i9, etc.) gets about 2 hours of battery life at this point (the battery is hardly used). For that reason alone I look forward to my M-series future. I’ve seen colleagues with literally all day battery life.

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