WordPress mobile apps to be simplified

Paul Von Schrottky on the Make WordPress Mobile blog:

Over the years, the WordPress app has evolved to meet a diverse range of site administration needs and use cases. Features like Stats, Reader, and Notifications were introduced with the hope of meeting some of these needs. However, these features require the Jetpack plugin or a WordPress.com account to function and can make the app overwhelming for folks who want a simpler experience.

I’m happy to hear this. The WordPress mobile apps are OK but they do far too much. And if you using your own install of WordPress on your own server, you likely won’t use half of the features in the app.

I’m worried that I may lose a feature I only recently was able to figure out in April of this year. In 2021 I reported that setting a default Post Format within WordPress’ settings does not carry over into the mobile app. Using the JetPack plugin resolves the issue – but it shouldn’t be that way.

On Github I wrote:

I will say, it is disappointing that someone would need to install JetPack to have this work. I realize JetPack provides a lot of value for many, many websites – but having your WordPress blogs settings be reflected in the iOS app doesn’t seem like it should be one of them. Or, at least that it shouldn’t be the only way to have this work.

In addition to pairing down the WordPress mobile apps to core features, I hope the mobile team revisits any core WordPress features that are currently not present in the app and add them.

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