Stupid featured in Webcurios 24/06/22

Matt @ Webcurios, describing my game Stupid:

Sent to me by Curios reader Colin Devroe, who also created it, this is a nice twist on the Wordle format (I promised I wouldn’t keep including Wordle riffs, but I will make exceptions for ones that are fun or which are accompanied by a polite email) which asks you to unscramble a different word each day, with a limited number of guesses and backspaces to help you. This is, I concede, a terrible description, but I promise you that it will make perfect sense as soon as you click and start playing around. It is, I warn you, harder than you initially think (or it is for me; I am having something of a stupid morning, though).

My thanks to Matt for including Stupid. If you're not subscribed to Webcurios change that.