Jeremy Keith recently wrote about Bugblogging:

Bugblogging doesn’t need to involve a solution. Just documenting a bug is a good thing to do.

I wonder what Germanic compound word Jeremy would come up with to describe blogging about a web API that your favorite browser doesn’t support?

Safari does not support navigator.requestMIDIAccess. I dug around a little and I don’t know why Safari doesn’t support this web API.

I’m attempting to use this API for a digital art project I’m playing with. I’m using music as digital paint. The API allows me to sense watch which notes are being played and at what velocity and other variables. But I cannot do this in Safari, I have to load it up in Brave (a Chromium based browser not owned by Google).

I don’t know if this “instrument” I’m building will ever become public but if it did I’d love to allow people on iOS to use it. Currently I wouldn’t be able to do that unless I use some sort of polyfill maybe?

Who does one ask to know why a particular API isn’t supported in Safari?

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