I wish WordPress had an easier way to repost things like most platforms do. I’m pretty jealous of Tumblr’s reblog feature. I used to painstakingly repost things. But, I’d like to do a bit more.

April 6, 2022

    @cdevroe It’s not 1-click, but I really like Quotebacks and think more could be done with them. That’s what our Embed link uses.

    @manton 👀 Oooo, I’m not sure I’m aware of these. I shall research!

    @manton I looked into this. Unsure how it helps me? Sort of like Twitter’s JS that styles embedded tweets?

    As you rightly noted, I’m looking for a single click that will repost the thing I’m looking at… tweet, toot, m.b post (need a verb!), etc and post it to my site with zero futzing.

    I’m certain I’ll never have this.

    @cdevroe There’s nothing exactly like that now, but I’m imagining something like the Quotebacks Firefox extension if it could also post to your blog. So on any web page, you could select text, hit a keyboard shortcut, and send it to your blog. Would take some development time, though.

    @manton That would be very nice.

    Don’t make me start coding Manton! I’m trying to finish up a new project as it is!

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