How long does it take to transfer a Stripe account?

I updated Stripe Transfer’s website with new testimonials and a downloadable PDF that provides a rough timeline for transferring accounts on Stripe.

When customers are in a time crunch, they generally ask you two questions; how long will this take? how much does it cost? We offer free estimates for Stripe Transfer since we cannot say precisely how much it will cost without a fair amount of information from the customer. However, we can tell you roughly how long each step typically takes.

I opened Illustrator and made this timeline to create a downloadable PDF. We also share it with every customer that reaches out to us to set expectations.

A Stripe Transfer Timeline

With each and every customer we improve Stripe Transfer’s website, documentation, explanation to the customer, the process, and my code.

Recently, my wife Eliza was able to quit her job and join me in this side gig and she has already removed some of customer interaction, billing, scheduling, and other process points from me so that I can focus on the transfer and the code. She’s going to be a big help in how much better this process continues to get.

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