Just re-upped our 1Password family plan for another year. A no-brainer. 1Password is so good.

August 10, 2021

    @cdevroe If I could get my wife into using it (and God knows I try!), I would too. At the moment I’m still on their 1Password 7 license, and wondering if I should just subscribe or keep purchasing licenses when a new version comes along, provided the keep selling them. I believe 1Password 3 was the first one I bought.

    @maique It took me a few years to help my wife develop the habit of using it. One way that works is to move all of their passwords into 1P. Change them. And erase their passwords on device. Voila! 😂

    @cdevroe Same. It’s become invaluable not just for safety but for keeping accounts from getting lost. There are few things I will just straight up nag my family about but “Did you put it in 1Password?” Is something I’m willing to take the heat for.

    @cdevroe I wish that we were there, afraid “all her passwords” is a couple of them, reused everywhere. It drives me crazy!

    @maique That was why I had to act. Way too risky not to just jump in and change all of them for her.

    John George

    @cdevroe gifted me 1 year of 1Password in 2019. I still use it and upgraded to the family plan with my wife!

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