My 2020 blogging stats

Yes, I’m writing this post in July of 2021. I don’t know what to tell you.

Number of posts per month:

  • January – 20
  • February – 7
  • March – 27
  • April – 48
  • May – 29
  • June – 22
  • July – 16
  • August – 21
  • September – 45
  • October – 28
  • November – 58
  • December – 32

Total number of posts: 353

A rather large portion were titleless status updates. I started off with a bang on January 1 by announcing my full return to the Mac. And here I am, a full 18 months or so later still on the Mac with no plans of changing that.

I also started to post more status updates with photos (example) but since I’ve really slowed down on this. I believe the main reason is that the WordPress for iOS app is not very good for my use case. I wish there was a simple mobile app for writing and publishing status updates with photos specifically for WordPress. In fact, I would pay for an app that did just that.

July 2020 saw the somewhat more frequent return of my linked series. I really enjoy putting these together and I even moreso enjoy going back through the archives from time-to-time. I want to keep them up. I should have one coming this Thursday.

I haven’t posted much in the image Post Format since creating the homepage portfolio (which I haven’t updated much since I created it).

I do not know what spurred on this post. I had created a note a few months back with the number of posts per month and when I stumbled across it I thought I’d share the stats along with my analysis of my own blogging habits.

Perhaps I won’t wait a year before sharing 2021’s stats. Because they’ve been very interesting (to me).

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