Resetting OneDrive on a Mac

At work we recently changed domain names and ever since my Mac’s OneDrive syncing utility would stop syncing and error when I tried to log back in. To fix the issue our support technician needed to reset OneDrive. I learned that OneDrive comes with a .command file that can be run to reset OneDrive.

Use this with caution! While this script does not delete any of your OneDrive files it does completely reset OneDrive on your Mac.

  1. Open ~/Applications
  2. Secondary Click on and choose “Show Package Contents”
  3. Navigate to Contents/Resources/
  4. Double click on ResetOneDriveStandalone.command

Reading through the source of the file you can see that this process will delete the cache and log files that OneDrive creates in various locations on your Mac as well as any plist files that store your preferences. So it is one step better than trashing the app and reinstalling because it deletes files in other locations outside of your Applications folder.

I hope this helps you if you need to reset OneDrive on a Mac.

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