Julia Evans “Blog about what you’ve struggled with”

Julia Evans:

I think this approach is effective because if I struggled with something, there’s a pretty good chance that other people are struggling with it too, and what I learned is likely to be useful to at least some of them!

This type of blogging has been a door opener for me. I’ve written countless posts about things I’ve struggled with – whether or not I solved them – and they’ve almost always resulted in opportunities or have helped others. I’ve been offered full-time jobs as a result of a single blog post. As I mentioned a few days ago, my experience helping people transfer Stripe transcriptions from one account to another (mostly as the result of an acquisition) has helped many companies save a lot of time and headaches. No one would know I could do that if I didn’t blog about it.

Everyone should have a blog!

    Oh yes. My blog isn’t mostly about things I struggle with but it is sometimes, and I think it is part of what makes it “sticky” – makes people keep reading.

    In 2018 when I was fired unjustly from a software engineering leadership role and blogged about it, I learned that many at Automattic read my blog because they recruited me to come work for them!

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