Christian McGregor on blogging our choices

Christian McGregor, in response to my photo library management workflow post:

I appreciate the effort people take to post things like this. Every post adds to the pool of knowledge to help avoid easily made but difficult to change mistakes, like Colin’s own findings when depending on Apple Photos as the main tool.

I appreciate that Christian appreciates the effort. Posts like that one take me far longer than most posts and are read by far less people than the posts I spend the least amount of time on. (We’ve discussed this, fam.)

I liked this bit from Christian also:

Dr Drang is one of the best examples of this kind of writing, using his posts to show the inner workings of his processes and why he chose certain paths over others – and as a reference site for his own memory.

“A reference site for his own memory” is about as good a description of my personal blog as I could ever come up with.

As an aside: Christian’s webmention led me to look through his archives and find out about Iris being built by Tyler Hall. I love webmentions.

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