Michelle Barker's typical day

Michelle Barker:

If you’re reading this I probably stayed up way too late to finish it. I get insomnia if I code too late, so I try to stop around 22:30 to give myself time to decompress. But if I’m deep into something then the time can run away with me.

Me too. I often get the urge to code at night but I do not because I will never go to bed and I'll be a wreck the following day (perhaps two). I'm too old for that. So I always prefer to do something early in the morning rather than late at night. Once my brain gets fixated on a problem it is very hard to shut it down.

I'm so tickled that this series of posts is continuing on its own. I'm guessing that I'm missing tons of posts because not all posts send a webmention to the original post. But, as I find them I'm sharing them here. If you see one that I miss please pass it along.