PHP turns 25

PHP turns 25.

I’ve said that I agree that PHP is pretty bad. However, I still use it regularly, it has allowed me to make some incredible things, and made me a ton of money over those 25 years.

/via Michael Tsai.

    @cdevroe That is a great looking timeline. Thanks for posting a link to it! One thing that is hard to remember now, with all the free and open source developer tooling we have, is that the free-ness of PHP was one of its biggest selling points. I met lots of freelancers who built businesses on top of the LAMP stack (with PHP as the “P”), and I don’t think they would have been able to do so if they had to build on top of the ASP.NET/Windows stack.

    @mjdescy True, like HTML you only needed a text editor to get started – rather than a full IDE. It is likely why I was even able to get started in my teens – because I wasn’t about to purchase an IDE at that time.

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