Gus Mueller on YouTube Premium

Gus Mueller:

It made such a difference in the way I experienced YouTube, I can’t imagine ever letting my subscription lapse. And in fact while I knew that YouTube was super important, its value just increased ten times over for me and I would easily put YT at the top of the list of the most important sites on the internet.

Me, in 2016:

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately. More specifically, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube on my TV lately.

That same year:

I’ve been loving YouTube lately. I watch much more YouTube than traditional TV. I find a lot more value in YouTube.

Me, in 2019:

I love watching YouTube videos to learn from people that have thousands of hours more experience than I do. I often find it isn’t what they are saying or explaining that I learn from the most – it is from watching what they are doing.

YouTube Premium, as Gus notes, is terrific. But even if you don’t have Premium you can get an enormous amount of value out of it just from watching a 5 second ad here and there and hit the skip button.

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