Podcast: Lackawanna River American Mink – November 2019

Lackawanna River American Mink – November 2019

This is a special episode. This is the first time I set out with a specific objective in mind (rather than just exploring or wandering) and I accomplished it!

The animal in the first image is, I’ve now learned more accurately, an American Mink (not a Fisher or Skink as I thought previously). It is in the weasel family and I can’t believe I found him.

Please enjoy this episode. I know I enjoyed recording it.

Edit: In the audio I misidentify this animal several times. I use mink, weasel, skink (which is a lizard) and fisher! Nearly in the same breath! Sorry about that. I had to get back and carefully look through the photos and compare them with what I’ve found online to figure out this was a mink after all.

    Jacky Lee Devroe

    What made you want to look for a weasel in particular?

    The fact that I saw a few over the last few years. I knew I wanted to photograph one.

    Replied to Lackawanna River American Mink – November 2019 – Colin Devroe
    Hi Colin, another enjoyable episode. You were interested as to how and were people listen. I am subscribed using Castro on my phone. I listened the the first half walking around the dark streets in search is a wee bit of exercise. The second on my commute the next day driving home.
    The natural history angle made this episode even more interesting than usual..


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