Two recent modern frustrations: Open an app I had open previously, it opens to its default view rather than where I was. Hit the back button in my browser, the page is no longer the same as it was when I was there. This is a regression of how things used to be.

November 13, 2019

    @cdevroe Why do you think that is? Developers no longer caring about the “little things”? New toolkits that make state-saving difficult or impossible?

    @cdevroe Hear, Hear! A frequent annoyance.

    @smokey I’m sure it is a combination of variables and also business models. Facebook, for instance, likely has the talent and budget to do anything at all – so if anyone could do it, it’d be them. But they make money based on your seeing the Feed. So that is likely a factor. Google, too, has the chops. So you’d think YouTube would remember what video you were on, but they also might prefer you to see their home feed.

    I’m guessing it is technically possible, even if difficult, but that the motivation isn’t there for most apps.

    @cdevroe Or, it sounds, that’s there’s a business interest in not doing it :-(

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