Brendan Dawes on Adobe

Brendan Dawes:

After twenty three years of using Adobe products in a professional capacity, I’ve now moved away from them as a company as I find there subscription model not something I can partake in, especially when they can suddenly decide to switch off older versions of the CS suite, making those programs you might use everyday useless — unless you stump up more money.

Adobe is in trouble. Brendan isn’t the first person I’ve seen or heard express this sentiment. I’m an Adobe user because my work pays for the license. If they didn’t I too would be looking for alternatives. And, there are more viable competitors to Adobe’s products than ever.

A really quick aside: I think the Adobe products are worth the price tag. I think most software is, in fact, under-priced. But the way they’ve been treating their longest, most faithful, customers is beginning to wear people down. This isn’t an issue of price or value.

I think we’re going to see either Adobe acquiring more of their competitors through brute force, or they will need to make some adjustments to their model over the next 5 years.

/via Jeremy Keith.

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