Tesla’s self-driving fleet of Robotaxis

Fred Lambert, writing for Electrek:

As part of Tesla’s presentations about their progress toward full self-driving, the automaker unveiled its ‘Robotaxi’ plan for a self-driving ride-sharing network with its electric cars to be activated as soon as next year with an over-the-air software update.

I called this in my prediction time capsule back in 2017. At that time, I wrote:

And I also believe there will be small fleets running in select cities for Lyft, Uber, and I believe Tesla will have a ride-share platform by this point. Also, don’t be surprised if Apple does too.

On-demand self-driving cars are the future of transportation in much of the US. The US simply isn’t investing heavily enough in mass public transit and much of the geography demands we have cars. I predicted this type of fleet would be in place by 2026 but it looks like it may have its first usage as early as next year.

It is worth watching Tesla’s presentation stream. It is information dense and, as with all presentations by Elon, very disjointed but exciting nonetheless. Especially their chip technology.

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