I’m contemplating a move back to Mac within the next year or so (solely dependent on what Apple hardware and software happens in 2019). But I’d feel like I’m abandoning Windows right when things are improving so much. Inner turmoil.

March 1, 2019

    @cdevroe I definitely hear you with regard to struggling with platform choices. Over the past two years I’ve held on to an aging MacBook Pro while I have used Windows 10 on many, many different devices for my IT role. I work in support and being platform flexible has helped me in my career. Two weeks ago I ordered a MacBook Pro 13” for work and let me tell you, Mac OS is still a joy and is still as beautiful as ever. We are fortunate to be able to make a choice. I’m all-in on Mac OS.

    @hjalm It is nice to have the choice. It used to be I could not be on Windows (I was on the Mac for 16 years). But these days I can get my work done on either platform. Overall that is a good thing! But it makes deciding which to purchase more difficult.

    I discovered that I’m so used to MacOS and iOS for note taking (Bear), journaling (Day One) and tasks management (Things or 2Do) plus command line tools that Windows or Linux is too much of a disruption.

    Was a revelation how little effort is made by software companies to bridge these platforms – almost impossible to find something decent that works on both McOS and Windows.

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