Noah Read on China

Noah Read recently visited China. His post has some lovely photos and great first-hand insights. I like this bit:

The trade war, debate over the gravity of China’s economic slowdown, currency manipulation, Chinese vs Western interpretations of economic theory, and debt backed development were all in the air in our lectures, company visits, and discussions. However, these details seem less significant in the face of the tremendous growth and development that China has gone through since the late 1970s. Since the movement to open up to the outside world, the country has embraced markets to fuel a growth story that I can’t reasonably compare to anything else.

The story of China’s economic growth over the last 5 decades or so is incredibly interesting to me. I’ve had one-half of my left eye on it for a few years. I think it started when I watched 2013’s Red Obsession wherein Bourdeaux’s then skyrocketing price was profiled against China’s economic growth. Or maybe it was 2012’s The Global Catch that spoke about China’s growing taste for sushi having a huge impact on fish populations.

Whatever the case, I’m still fascinated by China, its economy, its people, its landscape. I hope to visit one day.

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