Repost: Becky Hansmeyer on deleting blog posts

👉 Becky Hansmeyer:

Every once in awhile I have to fight off the urge to go through my blog and delete old posts that I consider stupid or poorly written. I have to remind myself that they’re all part of the journey; I’m a better writer now than I was four years ago, and a better programmer too.

    There used to be a site called Wired Writers Guild, run by a guy called J. D. Bentley, and on it (in 2014) he said:

    “It seems like one of our goals as writers is to ever distance ourselves from who we once were, how we once thought, how we once wrote.”

    (I couldn’t find the post on Wayback Machine, but I’d recorded this quote in Simplenote.)

    I’d just hit reset on my blog when I read that, and it hit me pretty hard. Sometimes a clean (or tidied up) slate is a good thing, but often it’s a siren.

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